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Real estate in Bangladesh

The one link tying our professional lives to our personal is the necessity to build a space, be it a home we love or an office-space we work in. It is an industry that has seen a recent boom in our country. Dhaka city and Chittagong especially, with its necessity ingrained into every aspect of our lives.

Property buying and selling made easy – Lamudi.com.bd

With the market so vast and so layered, it is indeed mind-boggling to try to decide where to start from while on the hunt for houses and apartments. With that in mind, Lamudi.com.bd aims to start you from the basics of buying or selling properties and guide you through a process made simpler by our team.

We are a real estate website that presents to you all the information you need for housing in Bangladesh. Whether it is a flat / apartment, a house, plot or a commercial property you are looking for, or simply looking to skim your options, it is all available here in a user interface that is simple and easy to use. The information provided starts from the names of top real estate agents and developers, their services and their best property offers. Properties of both Commercial and Residential kinds in Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet are available for rent and sale, along with descriptions of the features and their pictures.

Lamudi for buyers

We realize that the needs of a buyer are going to be quite different from those of a seller. Keeping these differences in mind, here is why you, as a buyer, would be interested in the services provided here:

  • You can list or find the hot spots with the renting, lending, selling or buying prices. All this information can be helpful for all kinds of people starting from locals and expatriates to tourists.
  • The properties listed here vary in price ranges, starting from cheaper options to luxurious living. The options include enough variety to suit every potential buyer’s expectations, such as beautiful gardens, swimming pools, high housing equipment etc.
  • Detailed descriptions of each option and their various facilities, as well as a description of the location, allow you to decide in an informed way on the right property for you.

Lamudi for sellers

The process for sellers, while quite different as per yours needs, is equally simple and beneficial.

  • Create and account and receive your log in information.
  • List your property and add in the list of features, size, price, facilities. Include the picture and the property and area description, making it all the more informative and attractive to potential buyers. Finally, interested parties can directly choose to call or email you from the website.

Lamudi aims to help you fulfill your housing needs with ease, simplicity and efficiency. And something that all of us in today’s technology-driven world can testify to is this- everything is made easiest when it is a click away!