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Uttara, Dhaka

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Uttara – the name itself tells us where the area is located, i.e. the northern part of Dhaka. But for the residents of Uttara, the word means a lot more than simply a direction. It spells peace, warmth, friendliness. Most of all, it spells home.

Personally, Uttara will forever hold a dear place in my heart on account of it being home to my school campus – Scholastica. This, in addition to the many shops, malls, office spaces, restaurants and cafes makes Uttara a very well rounded and self providing area to live in.

Houses and Neighborhoods

Uttara is filled mostly with apartment buildings for rent and/or sale, with very few single houses. The neighborhoods in Uttara are cozy and peaceful, with friendly close-knit communities of residents, something that I have on good authority from someone who lives there already. An only drawback, if I had to think of one, would be that it is rather unsafe to wander the streets of Uttara alone, especially after nightfall.


Uttara has so many shops and stores that it almost eliminates the need to travel to the city center of Gulshan for shopping that residents of most other areas seem to be subjected to. For grocery shopping, places like Agora, 3S Shopping Mall, Trust Family Needs and Meena Bazaar house all kinds of food and household products that we need in our daily lives. Meanwhile, clothing stores like Yellow, Artisan, Ecstasy, Occult as well as the RAK tower provides clothing, accessories and other items.

xinxian restaurant in uttara


Uttara has innumerable numbers of restaurants and cafes. Starting from the usual BFC, KFC, Pizza Hut and Pizza Inn to the famous revolving restaurant of Mainland China that admittedly serves one of the best dim sum I have ever tasted, Uttara’s restaurants and cafes can fill up any foodie’s appetite. Meanwhile, the existence of Coffee World and its amazing frappes will forever be a source of longing for Gulshan dwellers like me.


Being friends with some of the most ardent football fanatics, I have it on good authority that Uttara’s hospitality to sports is endless. The field of Friends’ Club, as well as that of sector 7, is a famous place to pay football and other sports for the male youngsters of the city. The large park of sector 13 also provides sports, jogging and other recreational activities for the residents to rejoice in.

Uttara, in a word, is comfortable. It has everything from planned infrastructure to modern amenities. It is homely, peaceful, friendly, and full of life.

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